Carpets InterRoyal Thai

Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School, Melbourne

Product: Carpets Inter EcoSoft® plank carpet tiles - Tavola - Arancio and Verdone 

Design: MciIdowie Partners

Photos: Mark Farrelly Photography

Sustainability: The EcoSoft® carpet tiles installed  contain 32,150 recycled PET bottles (diverting them from landfill and the ocean).

Recommendation: 'In designing Blinkbonnie House, we wanted the girls to be inspired by the natural landscape and to be curious about indigenous flora and fauna, both above and below ground. This informed our choices of natural finishes and colours that evoked the land and landscape. Tavola provided us with a product that spoke to these themes. The design of each carpet 'plank' with multiple colours woven through gave a fluid interpretation of theme that is not possible in a single block colour, and the various tonalities adjacent to each other provide a sense of energy and warmth. In addition to this, we are thrilled with the EcoSoft backing to the carpet as it allows for acoustic benefits such as sound absorption, as well as comfort for our youngest learners at Lowther Hall. We couldn't be happier with our Tavola and EcoSoft products; they are practical and have allowed us to achieve our aesthetic vision.' Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School