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Zero Landfill

Carpets Inter factory, Pathumthani, Thailand

When you send positive energy into the world, you can expect it back.

That’s why we are industry leaders in innovating our manufacturing processes to achieve better quality products and create less waste. When you send positive energy into the world, you can expect it back.


Above Left and Carpets Inter are proud to be leaders in the Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce movement.


Outlined below is one of the many Sustainable initiatives which are undertaking by Above Left and Carpets Inter to achieve Zero Landfill. 


The below graph shows the zero process waste achievement. 14% Reduction of Landfill Waste per square meter since 2006. Approximately 0.03 kg per square meter production.


Zero process waste to Landfill since July 2009.


                      zero landfill 1

                      zero landfill 2


zero landfill