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Protection from liquid spills


Carpets Inter's revolutionary ZeroFlow moisture resistant backing prevents liquid spills from penetrating through the carpet to the subfloor where they can’t be cleaned.


ZeroFlow is a uniquely engineered thermoplastic system developed to work with our tufted broadloom and axminster carpets. This backing establishes a moisture management system between the carpet and the subfloor.


Typical carpet backings are porous and liquid spills will penetrate through to the subfloor where they cannot be cleaned. This can lead to odors and the potential growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Spills on ZeroFlow don’t reach the subfloor and remain on the carpet surface where they can be readily spot cleaned and treated. In addition the carpet seams can be welded to prevent moisture penetration.


ZeroFlow backed products meet Green Label Plus indoor air quality standards and are available in a diverse range of textures and patterns.


How it works



Outstanding Features

  • It is an applied moisture management backing system that is ideal for use in assisted living facilities.
  • This system enables longer maintenance time for removal of liquid spillage, which normally penetrates down into the substrate flooring.
  • ZeroFlow gives the customer broad pattern and color capability, achieving interior spaces conducive to up market Assisted Living.
  • This unique system aids in the prevention of contaminants seeping into substrate, thus enhancing a healthy and safer environment.
  • Installation is easy, using our 2 meter wide rolls. Our narrow width products allow for limited disruption to occupants through a faster and more economical installation. Storage for maintenance is easier and requires less space.
  • ZeroFlow is installed on quick release adhesive and can be disposed to your nearest recycling center upon completion and its warranted life span.
  • Our system carries the CRI Green Label Plus certificate designation from the Carpet & Rug Institute assuring a VOC free indoor air quality


Indoor Air Quality

Inside healthcare facilities, there is a clear difference between carpet and hard flooring. Carpet behaves much like a fibrous filter, retaining airborne particulates until they can be removed by vacuuming, whereas a hard flooring surface is unable to retain particles and they may remain airborne at much higher concentrations.




Luxurious Walking Comfort

Carpet with ZeroFlow effectively absorbs foot impact and as a result reduces noise and leg muscle fatigue to a greater degree as compared with hard flooring. Comfort under foot translates to a higher comfort level for the patient and helps to increase the overall productivity of the staff in a facility.


Slip and Fall Reduction

Carpet’s greater safety is borne out by a study of 225 “slip and fall incidents” from hospital records of older patients. Of the group falling on carpet, only 17 percent sustained injury. In the group falling on hard surface flooring, nearly 50 percent sustained injury.