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EcoSquare® marks a new era in the development of high performance and environmentally sustainable backing. 


EcoSquaremovieEcoSquare is our new generation of recycled content hardback carpet tile.  Carpets Inter’s EcoSquare tiles range from 44.5% to 48% recycled content.  At the end of the products’ useful life the EcoSquare tiles are 100% recyclable. 


Sustainable Performance and Value


EcoSquare is another step in Carpets Inter’s ongoing Sustainability and Reclamation Program,  In this case we repurpose waste material into a recycled content tile backing that performs as well as one using virgin material.


EcoSquare Construction


EcoSquare® Outstanding Features 


  • 100% recyclable
  • Excellent performance and dimensional stability
  • Meets most budget requirements
  • Potential LEED points contribution is 3 to 7 points


pdfEcoSquare Fact Sheet