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Transparency and accountability are vital when it comes to ensuring accurate environmental claims.


Above Left clearly recognises the need to maintain confidence and trust among customers and stakeholders. This primarily relies on supplying quality products and services that can boast independently certified environmental claims.


It starts with how we source and specify recycled content materials such as EcoSoft®, and extends to our management systems at the production stage. We also ensure that our finished products are independently certified to deliver maximum Green Star points, which will benefit your overall project.


The scientific rigour underpinning our various certifications is not only globally relevant, it is also meaningful to specifiers, customers and end-users. For example, our products are manufactured under programs that include Environmental Management Systems certified to ISO14001. In addition, a number of our products have achieved platinum certification to NSF/ANSI 140 in the US. This highly regarded scheme is widely known as one of the most robust certification programs and includes attention to social and environmental objectives.


In the Australian context, Above Left has achieved environmental certification for key products under the Environmental Certification Scheme administered by the Carpet Institute of Australia (CIAL). Importantly, this means that our products are recognised under Green Star and score maximum credits.


Contact Above Left for detailed documentation covering our respective certifications related to GBCA Green Star, NSF/ANSI and ISO.


You can also view environmental certifications online.


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