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EcoSoft® marks a new era in the development of high-performance acoustic and environmentally friendly carpet tiles.


To date Carpets Inter EcoSoft® has recycled over 830 million PET bottles, fighting pollution, one carpet tile at a time. Be part of our mission...


  • Save the FishEcoSoft® receives the highest award of ‘LBC RED LISTFREE’ under the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) Declare Label Award program.
  • EcoSoft® delivers superior acoustic benefits including twice the sound absorption of traditional hardback carpet tiles
  • Are up to 40 times more permeable than most other modular carpet tiles offering superior breathability and a full warranty* when installed over “wet slabs”
  • Have been certified to the highest achievable ECS4 rating and provide 100% Green Star points on the Mat-2 calculator
  • Comply with the recent update to the Building Code of Australia: Disability Access Regulations
  • Offer superior underfoot comfort reducing leg fatigue
  • Deliver increased insulation qualities – up to 150% more thermally efficient than hard-backed carpet tile systems
  • Are PVC, bitumen and fiberglass FREE
  • Offer superior dimensional stability and improved resistance to pile crushing in high traffic areas
  • Deliver reduced VOCs – complies with Indoor Air quality requirements as prescribed by the Carpet Institute of Australia (ECS) and the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) in the USA.
  • Contain the equivalent of 50 recycled standard 550ml PET bottles per square metre (putting millions of discarded water bottles to a very good use)  A true Eco Carpet.


*full warranty – Contact Us  for more details


EcoSoft® Brochures 


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EcoSoft Carpet Tiles for Acoustic Performance

Ecosoft2Productivity and indoor quality in open plan offices can suffer due to acoustic privacy issues. The test results show that EcoSoft outperforms a hard back tile by more than 150%- 175% for sound absorption effectiveness. EcoSoft has acoustic performance tested in accordance with ENISO354:2003.  It is ideal for absorbing ambient noise and impact noise. The installation of absorbent materials minimizes reflection and reduces noise levels. In combination with good sound insulation design, the reduction in reverberation time can help the room qualify for the Green Star IEQ-10 Internal Noise Levels requirement.  


EcoSoft Carpet Tiles for Budget 

One of the major noise sources comes from activities related to the floor: for example, foot traffic noise, roller chair caster and, even dropping glass on the floor. A well designed flooring material will substantially help to reduce noise level. Selecting EcoSoft carpet tiles instead of budgeting for acoustic wall panels will save you money. 


A True Eco Carpet Tile

Natural spring water may be good for your health, but the bottles themselves threaten our environment by swallowing landfill space and increasing air pollution from incineration. EcoSoft® carpet tiles, with our high performance carpet cushion backing, are made from 80% post-consumer material reengineered from discarded drinking water bottles plus 5% post industrial recycled PET. So you can breathe and walk with ease. 

EcoSoft Tile structure    img_prd_eco_chart_04 img_prd_eco_chart_03 img_prd_eco_chart_02 img_prd_eco_chart_01