Carpets InterRoyal Thai


Royal Thai unsurpassed manufacturing diversity continues to evolve unique floor covering solutions for all commercial sectors, engineered to provide facility management with the best return on investment. Our unique MegaPlank® modular axminster carpet expands the unlimited design options and durability of woven Axminster carpet into the realm of custom engineered large scale Axminster planks. Showcasing beauty as well as dimensional stability in either 80% wool / 20% nylon pile fiber or 100% nylon pile fiber.


The product is developed to create a practical “releasable” floor covering solution to allow facility management expedient uplift & replacement of the ‘system’ for ease of maintenance and access to under raised flooring systems. Reducing disturbance to operations through faster installation time,  labor cost by up to 60% and eliminating expensive floor preparation of hard substrates prior to initial installation.


Our unique environmentally conscious recycled PET EcoSoft® backing, makes MegaPlank® the perfect solution for high traffic flow spaces, including casino’s, convention centre’s, airports, healthcare, education, hotels and most functional utilitarian facilities.



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