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sustainability reportBy recycling over one billion plastic bottles in creating our products, we see ourselves as more than just a DISTRIBUTOR, but a protector of our planet’s well-being.


The creation of low impact interiors that are functional and desirable, requires good design and environmentally preferable products. This can translate into greater productivity, increased return on investment and improved tenancy retention. It can also result in high levels of waste avoidance, reuse and materials recovery.


Above Left recognises the broader social, environmental and economic significance of green buildings, as well as the need to ensure that all flooring products demonstrate positive sustainability performance across the product life cycle. Most of all we understand customer requirements and how to exceed expectations when it comes to low impact flooring solutions.




Factory by-products are re-purposed in two environmentally significant processes.  Firstly, the sediment from the recycled water treatment plant is re-used as an ingredient to create Organic Fertilizer for domestic agriculture to grow rice, pineapple and other food crops, as well as in the planting of trees for CO2 offsets. In addition, our modular offcuts are re-used as bio-fuel in the kilns of Thailand’s main cement factory to provide recycled materials for urban development.



By connecting good design, environmental quality and life cycle thinking, Above Left is well advanced in the flooring business.

We value performance and customer satisfaction, and we strive to exceed expectations when it comes to environmental credentials. Our policies, products and services reflect informed environmental awareness and action, noting that we are design-driven. This provides an unmatched opportunity to develop, manufacture and distribute environmentally improved flooring products in collaboration with our suppliers, customers and projects partners.


Above Left recognises the need to ensure that all fixtures, fittings, furniture and floor coverings, can demonstrate high levels of environmental performance across the product life cycle. Innovation lies at the core of such performance, and together with our suppliers we are continually expanding our sustainability initiatives. From Design for Sustainability and eco-innovation, through to cleaner production, carbon reduction and Product Stewardship, Above Left meets the expectations of environmentally aware designers, architects and specifiers.


EcoSoft® – our post-consumer recycled PET carpet tile backing, is pure testament of how we have successfully connected environmental performance, underfoot comfort and commercial benefit. The EcoSoft® backing system is made from a combination of 80% post-consumer recycled PET and 5-10% post industrial recycled PET … all sourced from discarded drink bottles. EcoSoft® is free of PVC and bitumen, has a low-VOC rating, and is compliant to rigorous indoor air quality standards within the Carpet Institute’s Environmental Certification Scheme.