Above Left


Presently, AboveLeft exclusively represents and distributes products for the following organizations within Australia.

Hallmark Of Smart Design.

A relentless pursuit of technical innovations. A powerhouse of form and function. A promise of environmental responsibility. Our carpet tile and broadloom contract work reflect the welcoming spirit and professional pride of our exceptional team in Thailand. Designed to last and smartly priced, Carpets Inter sets an unbeatable standard of excellence.

Inspiring Well-Travelled Spaces.

As the global manufacturer known for elevating carpet design by finding inspiration in everything, we partner with a wide variety of artists from around the world to offer a multi-cultural perspective and offer an extensive design library to choose from. With a focus on the hospitality industry, we help create a feeling that welcomes guests in and enhances their stays. No matter where in the world our carpets roll out, they capture attention and add a finishing touch to spaces and stories.