Upstream Ebb Wash


Collection :
Upstream – EBB & Flow
Construction :
Multi-Level Loop Texture
Yarn Content :
100% Solution Dyed Nylon
Machine Gauge :
Pile Height :
3.2 – 5.0
Total Weight :
Primary Backing:
Non Woven Polyester Spunbonded
Secondary Backing :
Eco Soft , Recycled Cushion Backing
Tile Size :
25 x 100 cm
Performance Test And Treatment
Surface Flammability
ASTM D2859 / CPSC FF 1-70 Pill Test Pass
Hot Metal Nut
BS 4790 Low Radius
Radiant Panel Test
ASTM E648 Class 1
Smoke Density
ASTM E662< 450
Indoor Air Quality
CRI Green Label Plus
Electrostatic Propensity
AATCC 134< 3.0 KV
End Use Classification
BS EN 1307 Class 33 - Heavy Commercial
Castor Chair
Index BS EN 985 z 2.4
Dimensional Stability
BS EN 986 < 0.15%
Colorfastness to Light
ISO 105 B02 Minimum L6
Sound Absorption
BS EN ISO 354 NRC 0.30 or higher
Stain and Soil Protection, Anti Microbial (Optional)& Antiviral (Optional)

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The EBB & FLOW of water continues as it flows from the smallest springs and creeks to the flowing rivers and oceans around the world. Going against the current is often the slower and harder path to take.

Upstream has been engineered to highlight how for more than a decade, Carpets Inter has diverted plastic waste from becoming part of this essential movement of water around our planet.

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EBB, Flow


EB01-Spring, EB02-Creek, EB03-River