Carpets InterRoyal Thai

Workit Spaces

Product: Carpets Inter EcoSoft® carpet tiles - Beton Pozzolana

Sustainability: The EcoSoft® carpet tiles contain 35,000 recycled PET bottles (diverting them from landfill and the ocean). 


"We absolutely love our EcoSoft carpet. The carpet is an amazing initiative to showcase how we can recycle and reuse what was once single-use plastic like PET recycled bottles to turn it into a beautiful interior design finish! At Workit Spaces, our mission is to enable sustainable businesses to thrive by creating innovative ecosystems. We're determined to go carbon neutral across our ever-growing network of business hubs, SaaS platform and fulfilment centres. By using the EcoSoft carpet, we've been able to incorporate environmental sustainability into our eCommerce hubs. We believe everyone plays a vital role in reducing the impacts of climate change and using materials like the EcoSoft carpet to furnish our hubs is a great way to be reminded of how we can repurpose, recycle, reuse and reduce waste." Sonia at Workit Spaces