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House of Tai Ping


Capsule Collections

Small hospitality collections based on current design trends in fashion, art, and culture.


Club HavanaClub Havana
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Designer Collaborations

Comprehensive and diverse hospitality collections of original designs from talented international artists.


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1956 by Tai Ping: Project Portfolio.


Watch and see how our beautiful and durable Axminster Carpets are produced.


We offer broadloom carpets for all commercial end uses.


  • Available in 100% Nylon, 100% wool or 80/20 blends
  • Tufted or woven construction
  • Unlimited design possibilities


Our broadloom offering includes Axminster carpet that is manufactured as a single woven construction and is the most durable carpet available. 1956 by Tai Ping’s Axminsters are recognized as the highest quality offering yarn blends such as premium New Zealand Wool and nylon: sturdy and stylish, they have been designed and engineered specifically for high-traffic areas.